Losing Weight the Right Way

Energy balance is the key to weight management. You must strike a balance between the energy you receive from food and beverages and the energy your body expends through regular physical activity in order to maintain your weight. Weight growth results from taking in more energy than you need, whereas weight loss results from burning more energy than you take in.


Changi Airport in Singapore is surrounded by and connected to Jewel Changi Airport, a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex that is connected to one of the airport’s passenger terminals. The Rain Vortex, the highest indoor waterfall in the world, and a tiered forest environment serve as its focal points.

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Little India, Singapore

The main business street in Little India is Serangoon Road. It crosses both Bukit Timah Sungei Road and Rochor Canal Road. The Tekka Centre, Tekka Mall, Little India Arcade, Serangoon Plaza, and Mustafa Center are all located along Serangoon Road (on a side-road). A part of the district is called Farrer Park Fields. Far Kor Sun Monkey God Temple, Foochow Methodist Church, Kampong Kapor Methodist Church, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Angullia Mosque, Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple, Jalan Mosque, and the Central Sikh Gurdwara are a few Hindu temples, mosques, and other places of worship.

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Although high cholesterol is a hidden threat that millions of Americans face, it does not receive the media attention that other health issues do. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that “The total cholesterol level in about 94 million American individuals aged 20 or older is higher than 200 mg/dL. In the US, adults with total cholesterol levels greater than 240 mg/dL number 28 million.” High cholesterol frequently goes undetected, but a blood test can reveal whether your levels are excessive. High cholesterol can cause major health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more if it is not managed. Consume This, Not That! In an interview with Health, Sean Marchese, MS, RN, a registered nurse at The Mesothelioma Center with over 15 years of expertise in direct patient care and a background in oncology clinical trials, shared five techniques to naturally lower cholesterol. As usual, if you need medical advice, contact your doctor. Don’t overlook these as you read on to ensure your health and the health of others.

Eat more home-cooked meals

It’s fine to eat restaurant-cooked meals on occasion. Focus on eating home-cooked meals if you want to eat well and stay healthy. They don’t have artificial flavors or colors, and every component in a home-cooked meal is thoroughly washed, so you always know you’re eating something that is both safer and healthier than a take-out dinner.

Reorganize your kitchen

Foods that are too enticing should be thrown out or donated. Healthy foods should be placed at eye level and in front of unhealthy foods. Remove all snacks and junk food from your counter and replace them with a dish of fresh fruits and veggies.